Laconic is available on NuGet

September 26, 2020

Laconic, my library for writing Xamarin.Forms apps in full MVU style in C# is available on NuGet. The package name is short and concise; it’s… laconic.

The package versions are going to match the version of the Xamarin.Forms package it is linked against. E.g. currently the most recent published version of Xamarin.Forms is, and the Laconic package that references it is

If you want to try it out:

  • Create a new Xamarin.Forms project
  • Remove all references to Xamarin.Forms
  • Add a reference to Laconic (currently dotnet add package Laconic --version to the shared project
  • Remove all cs and xaml files from the shared project
  • Add a new cs file and copy/paste the code from the example here:
  • Change “C# Language Version” to “8” in the shared project
  • Add using Laconic.Demo; to AppDelegate.cs and MainActivity.cs
  • Run (I mean, press F5)

What’s Working?

Short answer: many things. Check the Demo and Maps.Demo apps in the project repository, check this example of a fully working app.

There’s an auto-generated file with the current status of provided bindings for classes inheriting from Xamarin.Forms.BindableObject: Use it as a rough guide of what widgets are not available. The classes listed in Not Used section are probably never going to appear in Laconic: they’re either irrelevant in MVU architecture, or made obsolete by Xamarin.